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Callaway X Hot Driver Review Compare Prices

Callaway X Hot Driver Review Compare Prices admin

Summary: A return to form from Callaway with a driver available in different models and lofts which offer customisation to suite golfers of all abilities.


Callaway X hot driver = x hot performance

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The Callaway X Hot driver review


The X Hot driver is Callaway‘s offering to the market in 2013. Whilst we are focusing on a review of the driver in this article, Callaway also offer a range of x hot irons, hybrids and fairway woods to compliment the driver we are going to talk about today.

Quite simply, Callaway’s main consideration when bringing this club to the market is to maximise distance achievable from your drive, great news for all of us amateur golfers, who couldn’t use a few extra yards from their drives right. A new feature for Callaway this year, they have decided to move back to a full titanium head for this driver and have utilised the latest titanium thin walled technology to make  the driver lighter but with the durability you would expect from a titanium driver. In fact the x hot driver is the lightest driver that Callaway have ever made, with the regular flex shaft this club weighs just around 300 grams.

Another new feature of the x hot driver makes the best use of the titanium build to incorporate a new titanium face plate into the driver which uses Callaway’s speed frame technology. The speed frame markings are machined onto the face of the driver and the plate is welded into the head of the club with absolute precision. Its this type of face plate which allows Callaway to control the CT values of the club right up to the limits allowed in the game, all with the aim of improving performance for the average golfer.

Callaway have also added a new feature to all lofts of the x hot driver series called ‘progressive draw bias’. Callaway have taken a scientific approach here and used all the data they have available from their fitting bays all over the world to understand how golfers swings, and ultimately their shots, are impacted by the loft of club they are using and have designed the clubs to incorporate this progressive draw bias with the aim of helping to straighten out golfers drives- hopefully leading to straight drives and less hooks! So when choosing the right loft of x hot driver that suite your needs you don’t need to worry about the weight distribution or bias based on your swing as Callaway has taken care of this for you.

The Callaway x hot drivers also feature an adjustable hosel which allows you to customise the clubs face angle to suite your needs via three different adjustments which allow the face angle to be open, closed or square. This feature can be great for both novice and more advanced golfers alike, for the novices out there the customised face angle adjustments allow for tweaking to get their perfect performance whereas for the more advanced golfers out there this feature allows more control over the flight of the golf ball. Its really easy to see how this level of customisation can really help any golfer optimise their performance.

The x hot driver also comes in two different models- the standard and the pro model. The standard model features a high performance x hot pro shaft and the bigger head which helps with head speed and ultimately performance for the more novice golfer. The pro model is as the name suggests suitable for the more advanced golfers out there and is the chosen model for many tour player, it features a smaller head, has a lower centre of gravity and a deeper face angle than the standard model and typically available in the lower lofts.

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